Our Mission

From the beginning in 2009, our mission has been clear: During the holidays we provide gift packages – filled with quality useful items – for our troops away from home and loved ones serving in foreign places.  Since the charity’s inception we have provided over 1,900 gift packages to troops serving in Bagram Afghanistan and remote outposts. We have streamlined the goods in the packages to minimize shipping costs and developed a direct relationship with the Bagram American Red Cross workers who receive the packages and deliver them where they are needed the most.


The program is an early learning vehicle for the children involved. Children of all ages from local Kansas City schools develop a respect for our soldiers while they hand-decorate the individual boxes. Then, during the packing process, volunteers – which include children from donor families and local sports teams – carefully pack the gift boxes and ultimately the shipping containers. This early involvement of decorating and packing the boxes gives our youth an early exposure to generous charitable giving.


To secure the gift items, we reach out to local businesses and associates in the Petroleum Midstream sector, all who willingly find a way to make the Holidays a little better for the troops.   The outpouring of support from all involved makes it clear our program is a success.


As you look at the photos and read the notes of thanks on the website, you will get a better understanding of how your donation will make this holiday better for many soldiers serving overseas. Please use the donation link on the website or send us a check so we can make this year’s program the best year yet.


Thank you for your support!